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Horn Chamber Candle Holder

This Rams horn Chamber candle holder was inspired from candle holders I saw in an Inn on the Isle of Skye. I had to have one for myself.

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Prop Masters Tarot Tote

If you are out shopping for upholstery fabric or grabbing snacks for tech this is the perfect bag to show off your skills.

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PropMaster Tarot T-Shirt

Made in the style of the Marseille Tarot card, this artful Prop Master has all the props to do any classic play; a ring, gobblet, note & dagger, as well as candle book and bell.

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Kit Kat Club

Willkommen! And bienvenue! Welcome! This is a matchbook cover design blown up to poster size. Show them you saw Sally Bowles LIVE!

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Spiral Notebook

This is the perfect notebook to take production meeting notes or tech notes. 

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This Machine Faught Covid 19

If it was sewing masks or 3D printing face shields a lot of people stepped up to help save others. This token comes with a 3M peel to attaches to your machine. Thank you


Fibonacci Caliper 

When working in art or design Phi is essential in scale and eye movement. I looked for a reasonably priced caliper for my students and could not find one that so I make my own.

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Pursued By Bear

But I brought flowers... arguably Shakespeare's most famous stage direction. It ends the tragedy of the first half of the play and starts the comedy of the second half of the play.